Why become a Freemason?

Make new long-lasting friendships, develop yourself to be the best you can be and make a positive contribution to society.

Becoming a Freemason enables you to meet people who are different to you, with radically different life experiences and interests — all drawn together by common experience through Freemasonry. 


Freemasonry gives you the opportunity to find bonds with people who share common interests, cultivate lasting friendships and encompass the key milestones in life for better or worse.

Our members are, and have been for three centuries, drawn from all walks of life. From Captains of industry and chief executives to manual labourers and forklift truck drivers, so you will find people with a wealth of different outlooks from all races, religions, classes and backgrounds.

Personal development

Freemasonry is all about building character and supporting members as individuals. It’s these foundations that allow you to develop yourself, from increased self-confidence to transferable skills such as public speaking.

Our meetings consist of centuries old lessons centered around you as an individual. How you live your life, the decisions that you make and how to become a better person are all found within our meetings.


Freemasonry empowers you to be the best they can be, both for yourself and for society around you.

With service being at the very heart of our principles, Freemasons are encouraged to participate in events, fundraise for charitable causes and volunteer for public or community organisations and make valuable contributions by donating their time, resources and skills.

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to be a Freemason?

Our members have come from all walks of life and each with their own unique story to tell for why they became a Freemason.

Universities scheme

A scheme tailored to provide you an opportunity to increase your social engagement, especially if you are in Cambridgeshire away from family and friends.

The Universities scheme is for undergraduates, postgraduates, senior members of the university and alumni, and any students from Further Education — over 18 years of age.

The Order of Women Freemasons and The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons logos

Women Freemasons

Women Freemasons have been meeting across the country for more than 100 years.

There are two female-only Grand Lodges: The Order of Women Freemasons (OWF) and The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF) — and they both have excellent working relationship with the United Grand Lodge of England.