The Royal Arch

Complete your journey in pure Ancient Freemasonry by becoming a Companion of the Order.

Provincial Grand Chapter of Cambridgeshire

Aspire to discover more about Freemasonry, and more about yourself, by continuing your journey from Initiation in the Craft to Exaltation as a Companion in the Royal Arch.

One journey. One organisation.

Joining the Royal Arch — or Chapter — is the fourth and final stage in Pure Antient Masonry, as defined in the Act of Union of 1813 that created the current United Grand Lodge of England.

Anyone who has been a Master Mason for four weeks can join — and should aspire to join the Royal Arch, because becoming a Companion of the Order continues their voyage of discovery.

The Ceremony of Exaltation sees members follow the clues from the Third Degree to complete their journey in Pure Antient Masonry, in a spectacular and unforgettable ceremony. Through ongoing participation, members will work together with old friends and new Companions to build on the principles of the Craft, and unlock fresh perspectives on the meaning and value of Freemasonry.

Become a Companion of the Order

If you are interested in becoming a Royal Arch Mason, you should initially talk to your Lodge Royal Arch Representative or Mentor, who will be able to put you in touch with a suitable Chapter.

Provincial Grand Chapter of Cambridgeshire

The Provincial Grand Chapter of Cambridgeshire is led by the Grand Superintendent, assisted by a Deputy Grand Superintendent and Executive.

William Dastur - Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

E. Comp. W.C.M. Dastur

Mark Shields - Deputy Grand Superintendent

E. Comp. Mark Shields

Edmund Brookes - Second Provincial Grand Principal

E. Comp. Edmund Brookes PAGSoj

Nicholas Leigh-Smith - Third Provincial Grand Principal

E. Comp. Nicholas Leigh-Smith

Jon West - Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra

E. Comp. Jon West

Mark Upex - Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

E. Comp. Mark Upex PGStdB

Cambridgeshire Clarets

Unique to Cambridgeshire — The Clarets is an educational and social extension of Royal Arch Freemasonry for all Companions with a white or claret jewel ribbon.

The Clarets is dedicated to enhancing your Masonic journey through three key pillars: companionship, comprehension, and compassion.