VE Day


Today, as we celebrate 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe, we should remember those freemasons and indeed all those citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might benefit from living in a free world. In doing so let us not forget the Cambridgeshire Regiment members, including many brethren, who continued to fight on in the Far East until VJ day.

We should be grateful and, in these difficult times, consider the small inconveniences, which we are currently experiencing, are as nothing in comparison with theirs.

The country’s celebrations on 8th May 1945 were joyous and well earned. I am sure they can be replicated in our hearts and lodges /chapters when we have eventually defeated Covid 19.

There will be a moment of national reflection and remembrance at 11.00am today with a pause for a two-minute silence – something all Cambridgeshire Freemasons might like to support from home.

Bill Dastur ProvGM