Raising funds for Teddies for Loving Care charity


In a remarkable show of dedication and community spirit, Cambridgeshire Freemasons David Broker and Bob Hammett recently completed an 84-mile cycling journey between six Masonic Centres. This inspiring feat was undertaken to raise money for Teddies for Loving Care (TLC), a charity that provides comforting teddy bears to children in emergency care situations.

Raising funds for Teddies for Loving Care
Bob Hammett centre left and David Broker centre right joined by fellow Freemasons

The challenging ride, which traversed scenic routes and connected various Masonic Centres, was met with enthusiastic support from local communities and fellow Freemasons. David and Bob’s journey not only highlighted their commitment to the values of Freemasonry but also brought attention to the vital work of the TLC charity.

“We are incredibly proud of David and Bob for their dedication and perseverance,” said Bill Dastur, the head of Freemasons in Cambridgeshire. “Their effort embodies the spirit of Freemasonry, charity, friendship, and service to the community. The funds raised through this initiative will make a significant difference in the lives of many children who find themselves in distressing situations.”

Teddies for Loving Care has been a crucial source of comfort for countless children in Cambridgeshire, at Addenbrookes, Ely, Doddington and Wisbech Hospitals, providing them with teddy bears to ease their anxiety during hospital visits. The charity’s work aligns closely with the Freemasons’ longstanding tradition of supporting children’s welfare and healthcare initiatives.

David and Bob expressed their gratitude to all who supported their journey, both through donations and encouragement.

“It was a challenging ride, but knowing that we were contributing to such a worthy cause made every mile worth it,” said Bob. “We hope our efforts inspire others to support TLC and make a difference in their own ways.”

About Teddies for Loving Care

Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) is a charity dedicated to providing comfort and reassurance to children in emergency care settings by giving them teddy bears. These teddy bears help alleviate children’s fears and anxieties, making a stressful experience a little more bearable.