Rodney Wolverson

Rodney Wolverson

2006 — 2015

The Province of Cambridgeshire were honoured recently by the presence of David Williamson, Assistant Grand Master, who installed and invested Rodney Wolverson as the new Provincial Grand Master for Cambridgeshire.

Many distinguished Brethren from neighbouring Provinces came to support the new Ruler, including 10 current Provincial Grand Masters and 4 Past Provincial Grand Masters.

In his inaugural address, the new Provincial Grand Master said that he was a very lucky man. ‘I have inherited from my greatly respected predecessor Colin Hutchinson a very happy and successful Province’, he said. ‘With only 27 lodges, we are one of the smallest Provinces, which gives us the substantial advantage of being able to get to know each other so much better, and to be the truly happy masonic family which we are.’ We must never ignore the core values of masonry, he said, ‘but we should also bear in mind that whilst masonry should not only be uplifting and spiritually rewarding, it should also be an enjoyable experience and our evenings together should be fun.’

  • 1978   Initiated Thirkill Lodge, No. 7333
  • 1981   Exalted Fidelity Royal Arch Chapter, No. 441
  • 1982   Perfected Cantabrigia Rose Croix Chapter, No. 112
  • 1987   Master Thirkill Lodge, No. 7333
  • 1987   Founder, Three Virtues Rose Croix Chapter, No. 972
  • 1988   Joined Alma Mater Lodge, No. 1492
  • 1992   First Principal Fidelity Chapter, No. 441
  • 1993   Founder Cambridgeshire First Principals’ Chapter, No. 7429
  • 1996   Master Alma Mater Lodge, No. 1492
  • 2004   First Principal, Cambridgeshire First Principals Chapter, No. 7429
  • 2005   Founder Concordia Ducum Lodge, No. 9798
  • 2006   Provincial Grand Master for Cambridgeshire

Taken from Freemasonry Today – Issue 36