Families of young patients benefit from donations by Cambridgeshire Freemasons


Cambridgeshire Freemasons are continuing to support local and national charities with a £250 donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Descensus Aquarum Lodge, which meets at the Masonic Hall in Ely’s Silver Street, has been holding virtual raffles since the start of lockdown. The Lodge would be collecting money from their members if they were holding their usual Lodge meetings and have hit on online raffles to make it easy to continue their donations to charity which is one of the core values of Freemasonry.

Recipients are chosen by the members each month, and with so many local and national associations struggling with funding or have had to adapt how they run things during the lockdown, such donations are especially welcome.

Vanessa Simmons, Fund Raising Manager at the Ronald McDonald House Charity, said:

“Thank you so much for donating the funds from your raffle. It is so appreciated – never more so than now with the devastating impact Covid 19 has had on our ability to raise funds. Your support means the world to us. I’m so pleased we were able to benefit the family of one of your members – it is stories like this that show how we can be there for families when they need it most. Your donation will fund 10 nights for other families to stay at one of our houses.”

Ronald McDonald HouseLeslie Murfitt and family
(Grandson Thomas standing right rear)

Leslie Murfitt is a Lodge member whose grandson Thomas recently had heart surgery at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London. He said:

“My deepest thanks to everyone taking part in the charity raffle raising such a marvellous amount for Ronald’s McDonald’s Round House. To have a loved one near when you go through such trying time is unquestionable, a need especially if you’re a child or young adult and this charity providing accommodation for the parents and family of these kids without charge is so important. My family and I are so thankful to our lodge for supporting this charity that is so close to our hearts.”

John Sinclair, who coordinates the Lodge’s fund-raising activities, said:

“Our next chosen charity is LuvEly, a charity based at the Lighthouse Centre, Ely, with doors open for people of all backgrounds, aiming to bring people together, offering practical help and support. They organise social groups for all ages, distribute leftover food from the local supermarkets among those who need it, and work with other project groups run by Lighthouse the Lighthouse Centre”