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Cambridgeshire Masonic Benevolent Association


The Association is one of the first of its kind to be formed in English Freemasonry.   Formal motions to establish an organisation to centralise the charitable giving of the Cambridgeshire masons were passed in November 1882.  Now the Association, of which every Freemason of the 30 Lodges in the Province of Cambridgeshire is automatically a member, takes care of more than half of all the money local Freemasons donate to charities, both Masonic and non-Masonic.

Almost all regular Lodge charitable giving passes through the books of the Association but there are, of course, frequent occasions when an individual or Lodge prefers to make a direct contribution to a particular charitable cause.  Monies passed through the Association can be specifically targeted by the individual or Lodge donor, or left for the Association to use as part of its declared programme.  The advantages of centralised administration and better interest rates are very clear.

The Association supports the Central Masonic Charities, quite substantially, on a regular basis and also, through the Province of Cambridgeshire Charity for Care and Relief, makes grants to individuals and local non-Masonic Charities.

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