A message from the Provincial Grand Almoner


george brennanDear Brethren and Companions,

I am taking this opportunity to write to you all to ensure that you are keeping well and safe during these difficult times particularly with us all being in lockdown again.

Not only do we have Coronavirus, which prevents us getting together in Masonic Harmony to contend with, but we also have the cold weather and the dark evenings which can make us feel even more isolated.

While you have Lodge and Chapter Almoners that you can approach for help, perhaps not everyone feels comfortable with this which is understandable. I want you to know that I am always available should you need any assistance or advice with any financial, mental health or physical health issues. Let me assure you that any communication with me is totally confidential and I am only a phone call away.

So how can I help? We have our own Charity – ‘The Charity for Care & Relief’ which has funds available for support and then there is the ‘Masonic Charitable Foundation’ which is your charity and is there to support all Mason’s. To see how they can help in the way of support, visit their website (link below).

Did you know that as well as supporting Freemasons, the MCF is also a support system for the married, life, divorced or widowed partners of Freemasons, and their children or grandchildren under the age of 25 and in full-time education? They have been open for business throughout the current pandemic and last year provided support to over 4,000 people with a connection to Freemasonry. So, should the worst happen – such as a bereavement, medical diagnosis or loss of income, your loved ones need to know they may be able to help?

The Masonic Charitable Foundation

Website: mcf.org.uk – everything you need to know about the MCF, including eligibility guidelines and how to apply for support.
Freephone enquiries number: 0800 035 60 90
Enquiries email address: help@mcf.org.uk
Please do not suffer distress on your own, make use of these charities as help is available.

See also: MCF Information page on this website

W Bro George Brennan
Provincial Grand Almoner