The first Grand Lodge in England was formed on 24th June 1717. This means that 2017 will be the 300th or Tercentenary Anniversary.

To celebrate this the United Grand Lodge of England are leading a number of events nationally while Provinces & Districts are encouraged to hold their own events:

National Events

  • The concert in the Grand Temple on 30 September 2015 started the celebrations and also marked the refurbishment of the organ by Supreme Grand Chapter.
  • Paving stones naming the Freemasons awarded the Victoria Cross will be laid on the steps of Freemasons’ Hall in London.
  • The existing Freemasons’ Memorial Garden is being refurbished at the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, which will publicly show Freemasons’ involvement in national projects.
  • To celebrate the TLC Appeal presenting more than a million teddies to children in hospitals nationwide, a series of teddy bears’ picnics will be held across the country.
  • The Library and Museum at Freemasons’ Hall is being extended to include a new room and exhibition about 300 years of Freemasonry.
  • A car rally will be held across Provinces, calling at well-known motoring centres en route.
  • A celebration of 300 years will be held in the Royal Albert Hall on the afternoon of 31 October 2017, followed by a dinner at Battersea Evolution. Invitations to the Grand Masters of all Grand Lodges recognised by UGLE have been sent, together with invitations for representatives of each Province and District. The latter invitations are based on the membership of the Province and District. Provincial and District Grand Masters have been informed that these invitations are likely to be on a ratio of 1/70.

Cambridgeshire Events

A programme of events is being constructed across Cambridgeshire to mark the Tercentenary. However it is also hoped that individual Lodges & Centres will also be enthused to take part. The over-riding principle of this programme is to celebrate 300 years of Modern Freemasonry and to show the community what Freemasonry is. It is hoped that most events will be open to all with costs as low as possible - the aim is for them to be self-supporting but not profit making.