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The MCF has merged the four principal Masonic charities under one umbrella and in doing so brought greater efficiency, purpose and direction to our charitable giving. It also needs and deserves all our support, so I am pleased that Cambridgeshire will be in the vanguard of those Provinces chosen to run a Festival for MCF.

Many of us will know of a Brother or a family member who has benefited from Masonic charity; whether it be at one of the Masonic homes, receiving respite care, through medical support, education of those who have lost one or both parents or just general financial support when times have got tough. All hugely deserving causes and indeed, in 2017 alone, Cambridgeshire Masons or their dependants have been fortunate enough to have received some £75,000 from the MCF.

It is not, however, just Masonic beneficiaries and I am sure we all recall the four Tercentenary Awards, which Cambridgeshire charities received. There are also ongoing grants to disaster appeals, hospitals, hospices, air ambulances, medical research and many other local charities that benefit annually from MCF grants and awards.

We have a duty and a challenge to do our utmost over the next five years to raise as much as we can so that in autumn 2023 at the Festival Banquet, we can look back with pride and confirm that Cambridgeshire has again exceeded expectations.

I hope that all of us, together with our families and friends, will embrace the opportunity to come up with innovative and imaginative new ways of raising funds whilst also ensuring that every activity is enjoyable. This should be a great way of having fun and working together whether it be at a lodge meeting, social event or in some new personal challenge. If we can involve the local community, and continue to explain why Freemasonry is such a force for good in so many ways, so much the better.

I am very grateful to the heads of the other very important orders who have been so positive and lent their support to this launch.

Enjoying our Masonry and having fun is fundamental if we are to be successful. I know that we are going to have a fantastic five years as we practise that quality which we have all professed to admire. May I thank you in advance for all that you are going to do for this magnificent charity.

R W Bro W.C.M. Dastur, Provincial Grand Master

Festival President

RW Bro WCM Dastur
Provincial Grand Master

Festival Chairman

W Bro PC Gillingwater

CMBA Treasurer

W Bro A Borland
Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden

Festival Secretary

W Bro DG Cameron
Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Festival Co-ordinator

W Bro Martin R Holmes
Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works